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Staff potential of the UNIFIN Group is based on a team of highly qualified full-time specialists and experts having all practical skills and expertise required for rendering excellent audit and other related services. Maintenance of the skills and knowledge of the experts on proper level is ensured through the system for training and internal corporate quality control.

In order to provide confidentiality and proper quality control all services are provided exclusively by full-time employees of the UNIFIN Group. Third part services are excluded.

Currently the staff of the backbone audit companies of the Group (JSC "UNIFIN LTD" and JSC "Audit Company Partner-Audit") consists of 29 people, including 21 experts directly engaged in client servicing, and 8 people of support staff.

All the experts of UNIFIN Group, including top managers, deputies and certified auditors, are Russian Federation citizens, having their permanent residence in Russian Federation.

The average working experience of the experts in the UNIFIN Group companies is 4 years.


From 29 specialists employed by the company 25 have higher education (6 experts have two higher educations in adjacent fields), scientific degree "Doctor of Economical Sciences" - 1 person, "Philosophy Doctor of Sciences" - 1 person, "assistant professor" degree - 2 persons.

16 people from number of those directly engaged in client servicing have qualification certificates of auditors.

When recruiting specialists, the UNIFIN Management pays special attention to the level of ethic, business and professional qualities and characteristics of candidates.

Recruiting of candidates for working in UNIFIN Group is made with the help of specialized recruiting agencies, all potential employees pass through specially developed tests and personal interviews.

Recruiting procedure includes:

а) searching of potential employees in:

  • specialized recruiting agencies;

  • searching through the Internet notifications on vacant positions in the company;

  • examination of offers in press media and Internet resources;

  • recommendations;

b) methods for recruiting, selection and valuation of professional skills of potential employees:

  • examination of personal information;

  • request for information to the former employers;

  • tests and cross interviews;

  • qualification tasks;

  • periods of probation prior to the full-time employment;

UNIFIN experts regularly pass qualification enhancement courses in the best high schools and educational institutions of Russia. Professional development of the specialists certified as auditors is additional carried out on a basis of Training and Methodical Center of Financial Academy of the Russian Federation Government in full compliance with requirements set forth by Russian legislation.


Development of professional skills and expertise of the specialists on all levels is secured by:

  • assignment to the client of the Company's specialist for the term of at least one year in order to ensure comprehensive understanding of problems of the client to be resolved by auditor;

  • assigning of tasks in "adjacent" fields of competence in order to broaden professional skills of the Company's expert;

  • establishing of systemized internal control of the services rendered to the clients


Procedure of internal control of auditor inspection quality includes (depending on the level of responsibility):

primary level - self control obligatory for all of the specialists;

III category of responsibility - control from part of the auditors of designated direction with regard to the work of assistant auditors

II category of responsibility - control from part of the audit inspections supervisors with regard to the work of auditors

I category of responsibility - control from part of the Company's management with regard to the audit inspection supervisor

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